Do you know PCOS?

By Dennis Yu on 18/05/2016

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects fertility and blood sugar metabolism. It is the most common hormonal disorder found in young women.


We don’t know what causes PCOS but certain genes are probably involved; most likely genes related to the production of testosterone and those that predispose to insulin resistance. On top of this, events in the womb (like nutritional deficiencies or pesticide exposure) and lifestyle factors during early and middle life (like weight gain or stress or hormonal contraceptive use) can contribute to the development of PCOS.

Insulin Resistance

As humans we are still genetically ‘wired’ to thrive on the habits of our ancestors, who consumed nutrient-rich, low carbohydrate foods and who engaged in more physical activity than we do today. Unhealthy lifestyles of the modern day plus a genetic predisposition can cause the pancreas to overproduce insulin in an attempt to maintain normal blood glucose levels. The body reacts by reducing the number of insulin receptor sites on the cells. The resulting insulin resistance makes it hard to lose weight and causes many metabolic problems.


Many, but not all, PCOS patients are overweight, especially round the abdomen. Even normal weight women with PCOS tend to have a high waist-to-hip ratio, indicating increased abdominal fat mass. Women with PCOS often have an increased susceptibility to weight gain and/or find it harder to lose weight than other women. High levels of insulin encourage the body to store fat and elevated testosterone levels increase cravings for carbohydrates. The hormones that control appetite may also be disordered.

What can I do?

There is much you can do to manage PCOS and improve fertility with lifestyle modification and applying specific treatments.

Losing Weight

Weight loss improves fertility by increasing ovulation frequency and enhancing the follicular environment in which the eggs mature. It also improves insulin resistance and general health. The good news is that a relatively small weight loss and body fat redistribution is often all that is needed. Losing just 5 – 10% of initial body weight, enough to change the waist-to-height ratio, will improve metabolic function and will promote more ovary activity.


In general, high protein, low carbohydrate meals are recommended because they are relatively low calorie, they do not raise blood sugar or insulin levels too much, and they manage hunger well. But a variety of approaches, including calorie counting and meal replacements, can be successful for achieving and sustaining weight loss. Your Chinese medicine doctor can advise on a diet that addresses weight loss and is specific for your constitution.


Exercise is an important part of a weight loss program because it can improve insulin sensitivity, so that there is less insulin present in the blood and hence less glucose is converted to fat. High intensity interval training has been shown to reduce insulin resistance effectively with a very small weekly time commitment. Additionally, exercise specifically shrinks abdominal fat cells and it reduces the level of those stress hormones that promote fat deposits around the organs. And it makes you feel good!


Researchers in several parts of the world have demonstrated that regular acupuncture treatment improves ovary function and increases ovulation frequency in PCOS patients. Additionally, abnormally high levels of testosterone and insulin are reduced after a course of acupuncture. This means that in addition to improved fertility, weight and skin problems improve. Acupuncture is very effective at managing stress and reducing stress hormone levels. This also helps in regulating the menstrual cycle. Regular acupuncture improves digestion and metabolism to support weight loss.


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A Reiki and Energy balance session will give you a sense of Harmony and Peace within

* Stress Relief

* Bring a Sense of Peace and Calm

* Clarity of the Mind

* Pain Relief

* Boosts Vitality

* Assists with the Ability to Cope with Life

* Understanding of Health Challenges

Rhonda is a certified Reiki Master in the Japanese Reiki practice of Dr Mikao Usui

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Prevent and manage colds and flu

By Jocelyn Carter on 09/05/2016

Our naturopath Jocelyn’s health tip on preventing and managing colds and flu:

The common cold, flu and associated infections are one of the most common reasons for
absence from work or school because of ill health.
Most people are aware of how winter colds, flu & infections impact day to day life.
Catching a cold or flu not only affects your own health and wellbeing, the health of your family,
friends and colleagues may also suffer.
You can significantly reduce the risk of catching colds, flu & other infections through the use of
specific herbs & nutritional supplements. You can also significantly reduce the severity and
duration of the common cold and flu.
Herbs used to assist in the prevention of colds, flu and other infections include Astragalas,
Andrographus, Echinacea, Elder, Myrrh, Eyebright, Golden Seal, Clove and Thyme. Nutritional
supplements such as vitamins A, C, D and E and Zinc may also assist.
The correct combination of herbs and nutritional supplements will regulate immune function
through enhancing the activity of immune cells. Immunity may be increased in a number of
ways, e.g influencing T-cells, stimulating the production of interferons (proteins that protect cells
against viruses), stimulating production of antibodies, and stimulating production of humoral
thymus factor. The function of leucocytes (white blood cells) may also b e improved. Think of
these herbs and nutrients as priming the internal army that fights viruses and other pathogens.
Choosing the correct treatment regime is essential to preventing and managing winter colds, flu
and associated infections. The correct treatment regime will stimulate aspects of the immune
system which fight viral and/or bacterial infections, as well as providing relief of symptoms
associated with colds, flu and associated infections.
I have the knowledge and experience to select the correct treatment regime to suit you and your
Due to popular demand I have developed an Immune Support Programs to assist people to take
a natural approach to managing colds, flu and other infections this winter.
My Immune Care Program for the cold & flu season will provide up to 3 months protection from
winter colds & flu. Taken regularly, the Program will also significantly reduce the severity and
duration of colds and flu, At the patient’s first appointment she
will quickly assess your health and choose
an appropriate blend of herbs & a nutritional supplement to suit you.
To make an appointment with me to discuss preventing colds, flu and other infections this winter, please contact the centre on 61741834 or book online at .
Refund for a consultation is available from most health funds.
I have been providing safe and effective
health care to the Canberra Region for over 15 years.

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How L-Arginine Improves Fertility

By Dennis Yu on 22/03/2016

How L-Arginine Improves Fertility

Here at Canberra Fertility & Pregnancy Acupuncture Clinic we often suggest supplements for clients if we feel it might help their particular circumstance. One of these is an amino acid called L-arginine which can improve fertility in both men and women. It does this through improving blood flow to the uterus, genital and ovaries, thereby increasing endometrial thickness and egg quality in women and sperm quality and libido in men. It can be obtained by the body through both food and supplements and is generally well-tolerated with few reported side effects.


Further information

Mechanism of action

L-arginine is converted into a substance called nitric oxide when ingested, and it relaxes and widens the blood vessels. This action improves blood flow and circulation through-out the body. Due to this action it has been used for a wide range of medical conditions, such as, high blood pressure, dementia, aiding wound healing and erectile dysfunction.

Who might benefit and why

Female fertility – Through this action of improving blood flow and circulation to the uterus, it has been used successfully to thicken the endometrium, aiding in the implantation of an embryo and the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. It is also thought to increase egg quality by increasing the blood supply to the ovaries. Due to this I always suggest L-arginine to clients who have previously had cancelled cycles due to an inadequate or thin endometrium. I also recommend it to clients with low egg quality or quantity issues, which would be known by a low AMH (ovarian reserve) level or previous poor response to IVF stimulation.


Male fertility – Research has shown L-arginine increases sperm production and improves sperm motility. It is also used for erectile dysfunction due to its vasodilating properties and can, therefore, support a healthy libido.



L-arginine can be obtained from both foods and supplements. Foods containing L-arginine include pulses (lentils and kidney beans), animal products, (eggs, meats and dairy products), and nuts (peanuts and walnuts). It can also be bought in supplement form from pharmacies, health food shops or your natural fertility practitioner.



Doses of between 6-30grams/day have been studied. We sell L-arginine in powder form at our clinic and I recommend clients take 1 slightly heaped teaspoon twice per day mixed in water. It can be taken with or without food or even be added to foods or drinks if desired. I have tried this but it does have quite a strange taste and I’ve found it ruins the flavor of the food or smoothie I have added it to.


Side effects

Generally L-arginine is well tolerated and few adverse effects have been reported. Due to its effect of dilating the blood vessels it has been associated with low blood pressure. It may also aggravate symptoms in people with herpes. Whilst it is not deemed safe to take during pregnancy it has been used on women with pre-eclampsia and apart from headaches no adverse outcomes have been reported.


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Try our Reiki Master Rhonda D

By Rhonda D on 22/01/2016

The word ‘Reiki’ means universal life force energy. The Rei means universal or boundless and the Ki refers to the life force.

Reiki is not a religion, a cult, nor a doctrine, it is not a belief system or a form of mind control. Reiki is a safe technique to activate and amplifying, the natural life-force energy within you.

This process of transferring universal life force energy has been used for thousands of years, all over the world, in many forms for balancing and healing, and it has been called by many names.

Dr. Usui from Japan, rediscovered and developed his understanding and form of practice and called it ‘Reiki’, it was introduced to the West in the 1930’s. This is the linage I was initiated into, I am a Reiki Master this took me many years of practice and attunments to obtain.

The Reiki practitioner taps into the abundant universal life force energy and transfers it to the patient. You as the client are fully clothed laying on the healing table and I as the practitioner will place my hands on your body. I am a conduit or channel of this pure Loving energy.

When your life force energy is low, you are susceptible to illness or dis-ease. Reiki is powerful yet gentle, subtle yet a precise art, for restoring and balancing depleted energy

Most people feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation during and after the treatment, another thing you may feel is heat coming from my hands. Other benefits from having a ‘Reiki’ treatment may include:

Stress Relief
Clarity of the Mind
Pain Relief
Boosts your Vitality
Assists with the Ability to Cope with Life’s Challenges
Bringing you a Sense of Peace and Calm

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Reiki1-300x199 Reiki_Symbol_transparent Rhonda_2

Finger holding–JSJ

By Sophie Evans on 15/10/2015

With Jin Shin Jyutsu we become aware of the rhythm of Universal Life Energy.  This is our Source of life.

Our life Energy pattern follows a circulatory direction going up the back and down the front of our body in a constant, never ending movement feeding life energy to the various functions of the body.  The application of our fingertips (jumper cables) in Jin Shin Jyutsu sequences reveals to us how we can revitalize our ‘individualized’ body energy.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a “built in” simple Art of living. It is the getting to KNOW (help) MYSELF. By applying one or more combinations of the unlocking of the energy flows in the body, we can help with the proper functioning of the body and of our organ flows.

When our 26 Safety Energy Locks are unlocked, we are in a state of Ecstasy. We can experience all that was, is and shall be in the present state of BE-ing and know Cosmic Oneness.  It is the awareness of the maintenance of health, happiness, longevity and benevolence for MYSELF.

We are ALL born with the ‘battery of life’. Knowingly or unknowingly we abuse our body hindering the proper body energy flow. In our society we pursuit selfish ego/mind questions with the result of frustration, unhappiness and we look for help without. With the knowing and the awareness of the vital force that animates the body it becomes easy to KNOW complete Peace within and BE that beautiful creation of perfect harmony. Truly KNOW (Help) Myself.

Causes for disease are never in the matter but in the energy field.  See reflection of chaos outside, is a reflection of chaos within. All flows go through our hands so we can harmonize attitudes through HOLDING OUR FINGERS! Jin Shin Jyutsu is so easy; we can get rid of WORRY FAST.

By holding :

  • Our THUMB = we harmonize the attitude of WORRY

We harmonize SPLEEN and STOMACH Energy pattern

  • Our INDEX finger = we harmonize the attitude of FEAR

We harmonize KIDNEY and BLADDER Energy pattern

  • Our MIDDLE finger = we harmonize the attitude of ANGER

We harmonize LIVER and GALL BLADDER Energy pattern

  • Our RING finger = we harmonize the attitude of SADNESS and GRIEF

We harmonize LUNG and LARGE INTESTINE Energy pattern

  • Our LITTLE finger = we harmonize the attitude of TRYING TO or PRETENSE

We harmonize HEART and SMALL INTESTINE Energy Pattern

Try all this at home, hold each finger for a few minutes. There will be one finger that will feel really comfortable, just stay there, you are giving yourself Jin Shin Jyutsu healing.

Have fun everyone!jsjfingers

Thursday Evening Meditation Class

New this week Rhonda is starting a Meditation Group for Self Discovery At “Capital Complementary Therapies Center” in the Heart of Canberra: Unit 69 , Level 1,10 Lonsdale St, Braddon, Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm We know getting quiet and going deep within ourselves helps us–Be clearer on anything going on in our life–Brings Peace and Calm within–Pain Relief–Stress Relief–Muscle and Cellular Relaxation–Boosts Vitality–and Much Much more Just show up everyone welcome bring a blanket + $20 concession available Also a Loyalty card attend 5 sessions and receive the 6th FREE 10599551_1516988555259152_715112083360314666_n



Sophie Decker-Evans


Sophie is originally from the French Riviera where she completed her English Studies at Nice University before starting a family. She travelled extensively and lived in several places including Hong Kong, UK and Australia in Melbourne and Canberra whilst teaching French for Business and Diplomacy.

In early 2000, Sophie took an interest in Energy Healing purely out of curiosity.  When living in England she was introduced to the Energy Healing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu(r). The love of the Art was instant.

Jin Shin Jyutsu(r) loosely translates as the Art of the Benevolent man. This Physio-Philosophy is entirely based on the concept of Energy becoming Matter.  This is an interpretation of the creation of the Universe and of Man in it. The energy contracts down and is organised in our body according to several Depths and Series of intricate Energy Flows.

On these Energy flow pathways are a number of ‘gates’ called Safety Energy Locks. Each of these locks comes with a meaning and a role to play in our lives emotionally, spiritually as well as being located on organ flow energy pathways.  When one or more of this Safety Energy Locks become locked, the energy stops flowing. The damming effect may lead to pain and discomfort. Our hands are like Jumper Cables.  When the Practitioner gently applies Finger Tips on areas of the body (Jumper cabling) the Practitioner helps release the energy flowing in the body to restore harmony within, health and, happiness.

Benefits include:

  • Improve the Body’s Self-Healing Process;
  • Encourages Better Immunity;
  • Helps with Chronic conditions;
  • Helps back, neck, shoulder pain; depression, anxiety, Carpal tunnel, Slip disk, Skin Discomfort, Insomnia and more..

The most common effect during treatment is that of a very deep relaxation. Who in today’s life style doesn’t welcome the opportunity to let go of stress that so often interfere with our well being?

Sophie became a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner in Melbourne in 2007 and, has successfully helped clients in her home practice since then. In 2012 Sophie has qualified to teach Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help Books. She holds classes of introduction to the Art and Self Help.

With Jin Shin Jyutsu you may never know fatigue. It is our personal imbalance that causes fatigue. When our 26 Safety Energy Locks are unlocked, we know peace and oneness with Universal Energy.

“The outer world is a mirror of WHAT I AM. Straighten out the inner and then look out again.”

Sophie’s qualifications include:

Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner Certificate from Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc. Scottsdale Arizona, US in Melbourne

Jin Shin Jytusu Teacher Cetificate for The  Living the Art, Jin Shin Jyutsu Inc. Scottsdale Arizona, US in Perth